About Us

Mind Body Shala aims to train yoga teachers, fitness trainees and individuals who are interested in taking their practice to the next level. It also works to help those who are looking for a solution to their physical and psychological issues through yoga & alternative therapy. Mind Body Shala aims to foster a growing community of individuals, yogis and therapists who are inclined towards consistent self-improvement and self-exploration. Together, we can works towards a better future within ourselves at all levels: physical, energetic, mental, intellectual and spiritual and can extend this harmony to the community at large.

Our Teachers

Yoga Teacher


About Jai

● Yoga Acharya Jai holds a BSc in Yogic Science and an MSc. in Yoga and Alternative Medicine from S-VYASA University.
● Recipient of the Grand Master award from Yoga Alliance International, Jai has over 12 years of experience training hundreds of students and treating hundreds of patients using yoga and alternative medicine.
● An expert advanced asanas, Jai has fine-tuned his expertise to include a wide range of healing techniques such as physical therapy, deep tissue stretching, meditation and psychotherapy.
● He is also well-versed in various aspects of yoga such as body alignment, yogic kriyas, asana, pranayama and yoga therapy.
● Published Paper on relationships between mindfulness and impulsivity among professional athletes.
● In addition, he is an expert in animal flow yoga and has trained celebrities and fitness enthusiasts.
● He has conducted workshops all over India and overseas and has received various awards such as the Vivekananda Award from S-VYASA University, Yoga Sadhaka award from SGS International and Yoga Acharya title from VYAPAK.
● His aim is to promote wellness and spread joy and relaxation through yoga and yoga therapy.

Yoga Therapist

Chirag Hakked

About Chirag

● Chirag Hakked holds an MSc. in Yoga from S-VYASA University.
● Chirag has over seven years of yoga training and experience under his belt.
● As the Consultant Creative Head at Vivekananda Health Global,Chirag was responsible for the marketing,promotion & co-ordination of various international conferences & projects.
● His long association with S-VYASA University has led him to conduct various Yoga Instructor Courses, assist in conference planning and execution both in India and abroad, and has given him a wide range of experience in Yoga Therapy.
Specialisation in many features of yoga such as advanced Pranayama, Kriyas, Asanas and Meditation.
● A well-traveled and experienced yoga instructor, Chirag also specialises in yogic bhajans for emotional culturing and plays different musical instruments.
● He has published a a research paper on Yogic breathing practices improve lung functions of competitive young swimmers.
● He hopes to spread the joy of yoga to the world at large and help others gain the benefits of a yogic lifestyle.