Yoga - TTC Teachers Training Course

200hrs & 500hrs TTC with Yoga Alliance International Certificate from India

Introduction to Yoga & Ayurveda Massage

Training in Yoga Style & Ayurveda Massage Basics

Ayurveda Massage Teachers Training Course

ATTC - Specially designed to learn the Indian Ayurveda Massage

Yoga - Teachers Training Course

Become a certified Yoga Teacher 200hrs & 500hrs International Teachers Training Course with Mind Body Shall & Art of Yoga. If you love yoga and want to share this amazing practice with others this training is for you. Deepen your practice of Authentic Yoga from Indian and International Faculty with Traditional Yoga knowledge, also holds Master Degree in Yoga & Therapy. What will you learn? Practical Knowledge - How to teach? Assisting and learning practical in field work at Kamalini Yoga as a part of course
Anyone can join? Yes, This course is also for people who want to deepen their knowledge of Yoga and self practice for themselves.

New to Yoga - Get certified 200hrs TTC in 21 days

Already a Yoga teacher - Get certified 200hrs TTC in 7 days

Eligibility for 7 days
1. Minimum 2 years of teaching Experience & Practice
2. Letter of Experience from Yoga studio

Eligibility for 7 & 21 days - Graduation or Schooling Certificate

TTC 200hrs will contain

Part 1 - Theory - Yoga according to scriptures
Part 2 - Theory - Basic Anatomy and Physiology
Part 3 - Theory & Practical - Yogic Practices
Asanas - 40 (Basic & Advance)
Mudras, Bandas & Kriyas
The Science of AUM
Dharana & Dhyana - Meditation
Relaxation Techniques
Spiritual Masters
Karma yoga practice
Bhajans & Chanting
Teaching Techniques - Worksheet Writing & Report Writing
Outing - Trip

Registration forms - have to sign in through google as they have to upload documents.

TTC - 7 days - 2000usd - People can also attend the rest of the classes with 21days if they are free. Registration non refundable - 200usd

  • Click here to Register for 7 days

  • TTC - 21 days - 1600usd Registration non refundable - 200usd
  • Click here to Register for 21 days

  • Mind Body Shala

    Mind Body Shala aims to train the yoga teachers, fitness trainees, and interested people to the next level in their Mind & Body.

    There are specially designed workshops and modules for advancing in yoga practices, for athletes to improve their endurance, and over all to find deep experience within.





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